AG Awards for the year 2023

In 2023 the AG awards numerous prestiges awards to people who have made major contribution to astronomical research.

This year the AG is awarding the following prizes: the Karl Schwarzschild medal, the Ludwig Biermann Award, the Doctoral Thesis Award, the Instrument Development Award, and the Bruno-H.-Bürgel-Prize.

By awarding the Karl Schwarzschild medal and through the invitation to give the Karl-Schwarzschild lecture the AG is honouring one astronomer of highest scientific rank. The awardee is selected by the board of the AG.

For all remaining awards AG-members are encouraged to nominate potential candidates. Proposals have to be in written form, containing a thorough justification, and have to be submitted by April 30th, 2023 to the president of the AG.

The Ludwig Biermann Award honours an outstanding astronomer who obtained a PhD within the last six years. The prize money of 3000€ is supposed to finance a stay at a scientific institution of the awardees choice.

The best PhD thesis in astronomy written within the last year is recognized by awarding the Doctoral Thesis Award. The awards comes with a prize money of 1000€.

The Instrument Development Award is awarded biennially, alternating with the Software Award. With this award significant extensions of existing or the development of new instruments, which contribute significantly to astrophysical research, are honoured. This prize also consists of a prize money of 3000€.

Excellent popular presentations of new results within astronomy in the german media are recognized and honoured by the AG as well. For this purpose the Bruno-H.-Bürgel-Prize is awarded, which also contains a money prize of 2000€.

The awards ceremony will take place at the AG-meeting in Berlin in September 2023. Details concerning all awards can be found here: