RDS and the IAU

The RDS acts as "National Committee for Astronomy Germany" in the International Astronomical Union (IAU). One of our tasks is to invite applications for IAU membership and propose individuals as prospective new members to the IAU. Applicatiosn for the following year usually open in October. Further information on the qualification and application procedure can be found at http://www.iau.org/administration/membership/individual/qualification/

Individual Membership in the IAU

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible to become IAU Individual Members. Individual Members with residence in Germany or German nationality are, normally, admitted by the IAU Executive Committee on the proposal of the RDS.
Individual Members are admitted annually by the Executive Committee. Applications for regular individual membership can be accepted by the RDS if the applicant has published at least three articles in refereed journals during this period. The chairman of the RDS may accept exceptions on the basis of a well-grounded justification.
Individual membership ends if the member resigns from active work related to astronomy before retirement or by death. Notices of removal are issued by the RDS to the next IAU GA. The chairman of the RDS may accept a prolongation of the membership on the basis of a well grounded-justification.

Junior Membership in the IAU

Researchers that have recently completed their PhD (within the last 5 years) and intend to pursue a research career in a branch of astronomy/astrophysics can apply for IAU Junior Membership, along with a reference letter supporting the application. Junior membership is limited to a total duration of 6 years.