Nomination for Caroline Herschel Medal 2023

To celebrate the longstanding scientific cooperation between the United Kingdom and Germany the Caroline-Herschel-medal is awarded every year since 2022. The prize, which is awarded by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) in cooperation with the German Astronomical Society (Astronomische Gesellschaft, AG), is awarded to a female astronomer from Germany and the United Kingdom in alternation. The medal is endowed with a fund of 10,000 Pounds, which is provided by the government of the United Kingdom in honour of former German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. After being awarded to Prof. Dr. Eva Grebel from Heidelberg for the first time this year, this prestigious award will be given to a female astronomer working in the UK in 2023.

A multitude of criteria are considered when selecting the winner. First of all the nominee is required to have outstanding academic achievements in the area of astrophysics. In addition leadership skills as well as ample experience in mentoring of younger scientists are important aspects. Additionally, a clear connection between the United Kingdom and Germany has to be present.

For this award only female scientists are considered and everyone is welcome to suggest candidates. Self-nomination is also possible. All received recommendations will be judged by a jury, which will be established by both societies.

Nominations should include the following objectives:

  • A full CV
  • A short list of key refereed publications (up to five, preferably with citation data)
  • The names of two referees
  • The nomination (minimum length 300 words, maximum length 600 words. Nominations should be written in English)

The submitted statement should clearly state how the criteria mentioned above are fulfilled and how the nominee clearly stands out compared to women in similar positions and areas of research. Ideally the nomination is written in a way that allows the jury to use parts of the text for their recommendations. Finally it is important to clearly state the current position of the potential awardee and how the fund is supposed to be used.

Nominations may be submitted until Friday, September 30, online following this link. The winner of the medal will most likely be announced in November.


Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer
President German Astronomical Society

Dr. Janine Fohlmeister
Press officer German Astronomical Society

Nush Cole
RAS Awards and Grants Officer


Image: Caroline Herschel 1829, oil painting by Melchior Gommar Tieleman