Reviews in Modern Astronomy

Since 1988 the AG publishes the Reviews in Modern Astronomy (RMA) featuring the key note and highlight talks given at the Society's meetings as well as presenting the abstracts of talks or posters on scientific research.
They are devoted exclusively to the invited Reviews, the Karl Schwarzschild Lecture, the Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture, and the highlight contributions from leading scientists reporting on recent progress and scientific achievements at their respective institutes.





Meeting Place

28 2016 From the First Quasars to Life-Bearing Planets: From Accretion Physics to Astrobiology Bochum
27 2015 The Variable Sky: From Tiny Variations to Big Explosions Kiel
26 2014 Waves and particles: Multi-Messengers from the Universe Bamberg
25 2013 The Bright and the Dark Sides of the Universe Tuebingen
24 2012 Surveys & Simulations - the Real and the Virtual Universe Heidelberg
23 2011 Zooming in: The Cosmos at High Resolution Bonn
22 2010 Deciphering the Universe through Spectroscopy Potsdam
21 2009 Formation and Evolution of Cosmic Structures Vienna (A)
20 2008 Cosmic Matter Wuerzburg
19 2006 The Many Facets of the Universe - Revelations by New Instruments Cologne
18 2005 From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way Prague (CZ)
17 2004 The Sun and Planetary Systems - Paradigms for the Universe Freiburg
16 2003 The Cosmic Circuit of Matter Berlin
15 2002 JENAM 2001: Astronomy with Large Telescopes from Ground and Space Munich
14 2001 Dynamic Stability and Instabilities in the Universe Bremen
13 2000 New Astrophysical Horizons Goettingen
12 1999 Astronomical Instruments and Methods at the Turn of the 21st Century Heidelberg
11 1998 Stars and Galaxies Innsbruck (A)
10 1997 Gravitation Tuebingen
9 1996 Positions, Motions, and Cosmic Evolution Bonn
8 1995 Cosmic Magnetic Fields Potsdam
7 1994 Bochum
6 1993 Stellar Evolution and Interstellar Matter Jena
5 1992 Variabilities in Stars and Galaxies Bamberg
4 1991 Freiburg
3 1990 Accretion and Winds Berlin
2 1989 Astrophysics with Modern Technology Friedrichshafen (April)
Graz (A)
1 1988 Cosmic Chemistry Cologne