Spatial distribution and kinematics of T Tauri stars discovered with ROSAT


Ralph Neuhäuser, Garching, Sabine Frink, Siegfried Röser, Heidelberg, Guillermo Torres, Cambridge/Mass., Wolfgang Brandner, Pasadena, Juan M. Alcalá, Elvira Covino, Naples, Rainer Wichmann, Pune, Michael Kunkel, Heidelberg


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With ground-based optical follow-up observations of unidentified ROSAT All-Sky Survey sources, many late-type pre-main sequence stars, so-called T Tauri stars (TTS), were discovered. So far, up to 100 new weak-line TTS are found in any of the star forming regions studied: Taurus, Orion, Lupus, ScoCen, Chamaeleon, and R CrA. Most of the new TTS are located on or near clouds, but some are isolated, i.e. up to 20 degrees off any remnant cloud material. Also, quite a number of more evolved - but still active - zero-age main-sequence stars are detected, which are not concentrated towards star forming clouds or the Gould Belt. Here, we plan to concentrate on the young objects which have been found south of the Taurus clouds with a kinematical behaviour different from the stars in the center of Taurus. They also cannot be associated with the Gould Belt, since the latter lies in the background of those stars. We study their kinematics, both radial velocities and proper motions, to trace back their place of origin and discuss possible sites and modes of formation of such objects.

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externer Verweis  Frink, S., Röser, S., Alcalá, J. M., Covino, E., Brandner, W.: Kinematics of T Tauri stars in Chamaeleon, Astron. Astrophys. 338, 442 (1998).

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Ralph Neuhäuser, Sabine Frink, Siegfried Röser, Guillermo Torres, Wolfgang Brandner, Juan M. Alcalá, Elvira Covino, Rainer Wichmann, Michael Kunkel: Spatial distribution and kinematics of T Tauri stars discovered with ROSAT. In: Peter Brosche, Wolfgang R. Dick, Oliver Schwarz, Roland Wielen (Eds.): The Message of the Angles - Astrometry from 1798 to 1998. Proceedings of the International Spring Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, Gotha, May 11-15, 1998. (Acta Historica Astronomiae ; 3). Thun ; Frankfurt am Main : Deutsch, 1998, p. 206.