Preisträger der Karl-Schwarzschild-Medaille

RMA = Reviews in Modern Astronomy,
n.v. = nicht veröffentlicht,
MAG = Mitteilungen der AG

Jahr Preisträger Institut Titel der Karl-Schwarzschild-Vorlesung Veröffentlichung
2023 Thomas Henning

Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie

From the Karl Schwarzschild Observatory to JWST
2022 Hans-Thomas Janka

Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik

Core-Collapse Supernovae: From Neutrino-driven Explosion Models to Observations
2021 Jocelyn Bell Burnell

University of Oxford

Opening Time Domain Astrophysics
2020 Friedrich-Karl Thielemann

Universität Basel

Origin of the Elements in the Universe
2019 Ewine van Dishoeck

Universität Leiden

Molecules from clouds to disks and planets
2018 Andrzej Udalski

Universität Warschau

The OGLE Sky Variability Survey
2017 Richard Wielebinski Cosmic magnetic fields
2016 Robert Williams The Distant Universe Revealed by Hubble Space Telescope
2015 Immo Appenzeller Astronomical technology - the past and the future RMA 28, 1
AN Vol. 337, 694 (2016)
2014 Margaret J. Geller HectoMAPping the Universe RMA 27, 1
AN Vol. 336, 428 (2015)
2013 Karl-Heinz Rädler Mean-field dynamos: the old concept and some recent developments RMA 26, 1
AN Vol. 335, 459 (2014)
2012 Sandra M. Faber Lambda-CDM Galaxy Formation: A 30-Year Status Report
2011 Reinhard Genzel The Massive Black Hole and Galaxies
2010 Michel Mayor Exoplanets: The road to Earth twins RMA 23,1
2009 Rolf-Peter Kudritzki Dissecting galaxies with the brightest stars in the universe RMA 22,1
2008 Rashid Sunyaev The Richness and Beauty of the Physics of Cosmological Recombination RMA 21,1
2007 Rudolf Kippenhahn Als die Computer die Astronomie eroberten RMA 20,1
2005 Gustav Andreas Tammann The Ups-and-Downs of the Hubble Constant RMA 19,1
2004 Riccardo Giacconi The Dawn of X-Ray Astronomy RMA 18,1
2003 Erika Boehm-Vitense What Hyades F Stars tell us about Heating Mechanisms in the outer Stellar Atmospheres
RMA 17,1
Charles H. Townes The Behavior of Stars Observed by Infrared Interferometry
RMA 16,1
Keiichi Kodaira Macro- and Microscopic Views of Nearby Galaxies
RMA 15,1
Roger Penrose The Schwarzschild Singularity: one Clue to Resolving the Quantum Measurement Paradox
RMA 14,1
Jeremiah P. Ostriker Historical Reflections on the Role of Numerical Modeling in Astrophysics
RMA 13,1
Peter A. Strittmatter Steps to the LBT - and Beyond
RMA 12,1
Joseph H. Taylor Binary Pulsars and Relativistic Gravity
Kip Thorne Gravitational Radiation - A New Window Onto the Universe
RMA 10,1
Henk van de Hulst: Scaling laws in multiple light scattering under very small angles
RMA 9,1
Joachim Trümper X-rays from Neutron Stars
RMA 8,1
Raymond Wilson Karl Schwarzschild and telescope optics
RMA 7,1
Sir Fred Hoyle The synthesis of the light elements
RMA 6,1
Eugene N. Parker Convection, spontaneous discontinuities, and stellar winds and X-ray emission
RMA 4,1
Sir Martin J. Rees Is there a massive black hole in every galaxy
RMA 2,1
Lodewijk Woltjer The future of European astronomy
MAG 70,21
The aesthetic base of the general theory of relativity
MAG 67,19
Edwin E. Salpeter Galactic fountains, planetary nebulae, and warm HI
MAG 63,11
Daniel M. Popper Some problems in the determination of fundamental stellar parameters from binary stars
MAG 62,19
Donald Lynden-Bell Mysterious mass in local group galaxies
MAG 60,23
Jean Delhaye Die Bewegungen der Sterne und ihre Bedeutung in der galaktischen Astronomie
MAG 67,123
Bohdan Paczynski Thick accretion disks around black holes
MAG 57,27
Ludwig Biermann Dreißig Jahre Kometenforschung
MAG 51,37
George B. Field Intergalactic matter and the evolution of galaxies
MAG 47,7
Wilhelm Becker Die galaktische Struktur aus optischen Beobachtungen
MAG 43,21
Lyman Spitzer, jr. Interstellar matter research with the Copernicus satellite
MAG 38,27
Cornelis de Jager Dynamik von Sternatmosphären
MAG 36,15
Jan H. Oort On the problem of the origin of spiral structure
MAG 32,15
Antony Hewish Tree years with pulsars
MAG 31,15
Bengt Strömgren Quantitative Spektralklassifikation und ihre Anwendung auf Probleme der Entwicklung der Sterne und der Milchstraße
MAG 27,15
Maarten Schmidt Quasi-stellar sources
MAG 25,13
Charles Fehrenbach Die Bestimmung der Radialgeschwindigkeiten mit dem Objektivprisma
MAG 17,59
1959 Martin Schwarzschild Die Theorien des inneren Aufbaus der Sterne MAG 12,15
Datum Preisträger Titel der Karl-Schwarzschild-Vorlesung Veröffentlichung