Gotha 1798


Peter Brosche, Daun



A short description of the following characteristics of the first astronomical congress is given: the historical background, the motive, the participants, the issues, the property as the first congress on decimal units. Although the political circumstances prevented a direct and great success, some positive consequences can be accounted for and some later developments can be traced back to the early meeting in the small Thuringian residence town.

Bibliographical details:

Peter Brosche: Gotha 1798. In: Peter Brosche, Wolfgang R. Dick, Oliver Schwarz, Roland Wielen (Eds.): The Message of the Angles - Astrometry from 1798 to 1998. Proceedings of the International Spring Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, Gotha, May 11-15, 1998. (Acta Historica Astronomiae ; 3). Thun ; Frankfurt am Main : Deutsch, 1998, p. 63-72.