Gotha 1998 - Programme

International Spring Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft

Gotha (Germany), May 11 - 15, 1998



(Abstracts are available on the proceedings page (Acta Historica Astronomiae, Vol. 3))


Invited Papers


W. Pfau: Martin Schwarzschild (1912 - 1997)

S. Débarbat: Parisian astronomy at the time of the Gotha meeting

J.-C. Pecker: Jérôme de Lalande and international cooperation

P. Brosche: Gotha 1798

Karin Reich (Universität Hamburg): Astronomy, for a long time the leading discipline among sciences

L. V. Morrison, F. R. Stephenson: The sands of time and tidal friction

A. Blaauw: FK3 or GC - a difficult choice half a century ago

R. Wielen, H. Schwan, C. Dettbarn, H. Jahreiß, H. Lenhardt: The Sixth Catalogue of Fundamental Stars (FK6) and the problem of double stars

A. Fresneau: Using the Carte du Ciel for the extension of the Hipparcos system

J. Colin, G. Daigne, C. Ducourant, J. F. Le Campion, J.-M. Mazurier, G. Montignac, M. Odenkirchen, J.-P. Périé, M. Rapaport, Y. Réquième, C. Soubiran, B. Viateau: The Bordeaux Meridian Circle Survey

W. Seggewiss: The distance scale of the universe before and after Hipparcos

H. Jahreiß, R. Wielen, B. Fuchs: The impact of Hipparcos on our knowledge of nearby stars

Michel Mayor (Observatoire de Genève): Precise radial velocities and the search for extra-solar planets

M. Geffert: CCD astrometry

U. Bastian: The small astrometric interferometry satellite DIVA

L. Lindegren: Hipparcos and the future: GAIA

E. Høg, C. Fabricius, J. Knude, V. V. Makarov: Sky survey and photometry by the GAIA satellite

M. H. Soffel, S. A. Klioner: Relativity and space astrometry


Contributed Papers


S. Dumont: Joseph-Nicolas Delisle's relations with German astronomers and scientists when travelling to and from Russia (1725-26 and 1747)

A. D. Wittmann: The solar diameter derived from Tobias Mayer's observations 1756-1761

W. R. Dick, P. Brosche, D. Gerdes: The least known participant in the Gotha meeting in 1798: George Butler

J. Caplan, M.-L. Prévot: Zach in Marseille

M.-L. Prévot, J. Caplan: History of the Marseille Observatory

M. Vargha: The Zach family in Hungary

L. Patkós: Hungarian topics in Zach's German journals

W. Kokott: Atmospheric tides and other relationships: »Interpreting the Phenomena« at the time of the Seeberg conference

G. Wolfschmidt: Gotha - the instruments of the observatory

R. Janus, R. Bien (Kiel, Heidelberg): An unknown calendar from the early 19th century. Found in the archives of Söl'ring Foriining, Keitum, Island of Sylt

C. Hopf, O. Schwarz: Geodetic documents in the Gotha library

O. Schwarz, W. Conrad: Differential longitudes in Thuringia

P. Habison: Astrometry and early astrophysics at Kuffner Observatory in the late 19th century

W. Weise, J. Dorschner: Wilhelm Winkler (1842-1910) - a Thuringian private astronomer and maecenas

D.-E. Liebscher, P. Brosche: Three traps in stellar aberration

M. Odenkirchen, C. Soubiran, J. F. Le Campion: Early epoch stellar positions from the Bordeaux Carte du Ciel

C. Abad: Reduction and quality testing of the San Fernando Astrographic Catalogue plates

S. E. Urban: USNO programs to improve the optical reference frame

J. Brunzendorf, H. Meusinger: Astrometric properties of the Tautenburg Plate Scanner

R. Teixeira, P. Benevides-Soares, T. P. Dominici, W. Monteiro, M. Rapaport, J. F. Le Campion, Y. Réquième: CCD meridian observations at Valinhos Observatory

B. Viateau, Y. Réquième, J. F. Le Campion, G. Montignac, J.-M. Mazurier: Contribution of the Bordeaux CCD meridian circle to modern astrometry

N. I. Shatsky, A. A. Tokovinin: Hipparcos versus dynamical parallaxes

D. Sinachopoulos, E. van Dessel, M. Geffert: A list of Hipparcos very wide visual double stars for the astrometric calibration of imaging with CCDs

H. Relke, W. Pfau: Accurate positions and proper motions of H emission-line objects in the Chamaeleon star-forming region

R. Hering, H. G. Walter: Updating of B1950 radio star positions by means of J2000 calibrators

R.-D. Scholz, M. Irwin, M. Odenkirchen, H. Meusinger: New space motion of the Galactic globular cluster Palomar 5

H. Baumgardt, C. Dettbarn, B. Fuchs, R. Wielen: Open clusters in the Hipparcos Catalogue

J. Sanner, M. Geffert, J. Schmoll: The IMF of the open star cluster NGC 581 (M103): A deviation from Salpeter's law?

N. Vogt, E. Paunzen, H. M. Maitzen: Calibration of Strömgren-Crawford photometry for Ap-stars compared to Hipparcos results

R. Neuhäuser, S. Frink, S. Röser, G. Torres, W. Brandner, J. M. Alcalá, E. Covino, R. Wichmann, M. Kunkel: Spatial distribution and kinematics of T Tauri stars discovered with ROSAT

S. Hirte, R.-D. Scholz, S. Röser, U. Bastian, E. Schilbach: On-board reduction of dispersed fringes for DIVA

S. M. Kopeikin, G. Schäfer: Bending of light by gravitational waves from localized sources

D. Sinachopoulos, A. Sinachopoulos: Why Plato was against observational astronomy

M. Stavinschi, V. Mioc, S. Débarbat: Solar eclipses recorded in old Romanian chronicles and notes

J. Schumann: What Leonardo had known

H. Lichtenberg: The decoding of the Callippian Cycle in the Gregorian Calendar for the period between 1900 and 2099

R. E. Schielicke: 400 years astronomical observatory in Jena

T. Herczeg: The Orion Nebula: A chapter of early nebular studies

E. Schmutzer: Cosmology without Big Bang on the basis of the Projective Unified Field Theory


(Abstracts are available on the proceedings page (Acta Historica Astronomiae, Vol. 3)