Bruno H. Bürgel Award 2019

The 2019 Bruno H. Bürgel prize for excellent popular representations in the media honors J.V.Feitzinger and D.B.Herrmann.


The German Astronomical Society awards the 2019 Bruno H. Bürgel prize for excellent popular representations of the latest results in the field of astronomy in German in the media in equal shares to Johannes V. Feitzinger and Dieter B. Herrmann.

The lives of the award winners show several parallels: both have in similar ways decisively shaped the public perception of astronomy. As observatory directors and professors, in addition to their scientific research work, they have for decades presented inherently new astronomical results to the public.

Their life’s work also beautifully reflects the East-West aspects of astronomy in Germany in general and in the astronomical society in particular: Dieter B. Herrmann had a formative influence on astronomy as the long-time director of the Archenhold Observatory and founding director of the Zeiss Großplanetarium Berlin, as a well-known moderator of a popular science television program, with regular science broadcasts on the radio and through many popular scientific books and numerous lectures.

As a professor of astronomy at the Ruhr University Bochum and the long-time director of the Observatory and the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum, Johannes V. Feitzinger laid the foundation for very well-publicised public relations work. He published several books and articles on astronomy and was very actively involved in astronomical education. Through his commitment, he shaped many subsequent generations of students.