Reviews in Modern Astronomy 23

Zooming in: The Cosmos at High ResolutionCover-23.jpg


  • Karl Schwarzschild Award Lecture:
    The Road to Earth Twins
    By Michel Mayor, Christophe Lovis, Francesco Pepe, Damien Sègransan and Stèphane Udry
  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture:
    Stellar Forensics with the Supernova-GRB Connection
    By Maryam Modjaz
  • Doctoral Thesis Award Lecture:
    Accretion, jets and winds: High-energy emission from young stellar objects
    By Hans Moritz Günther
  • The physics and astrophysics of supernova explosions
    By Wolfgang Hillebrandt
  • The Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research.
    A new era for supernova dynamics and nucleosynthesis
    By Karlheinz Langanke
  • The Bar and Spiral Structure Legacy (BeSSeL) survey:
    Mapping the MilkyWay with VLBI astrometry
    By Andreas Brunthaler, Mark J. Reid, Karl M. Menten, Xing-Wu Zheng, Anna Bartkiewicz, Yoon K. Choi, Tom Dame, Kazuya Hachisuka, Katharina Immer, George Moellenbrock, Luca Moscadelli, Kazi L.J. Rygl, Alberto Sanna, Mayumi Sato, Yuanwei Wu, Ye Xu, and Bo Zhang
  • On the origin of gaseous galaxy halos –
    Low-column density gas in the Milky Way halo
    By Nadya Ben Bekhti, Benjamin Winkel, Philipp Richter,
    Jürgen Kerp, and Ulrich Klein
  • Radio studies of galaxy formation: Dense Gas History of the Universe
    By Chris L. Carilli, Fabian Walter, Dominik Riechers, Ran Wang, Emanuele Daddi, and Jeff Wagg, Frank Bertoldi, and Karl Menten
  • Water in star-forming regions with Herschel
    By Lars E. Kristensen and Ewine F. van Dishoeck
  • Light-element abundance variations in globular clusters
    By Sarah L. Martell
  • Massive black holes and the evolution of galaxies
    By Marta Volonteri and Jillian Bellovary
  • High-energy astrophysics
    By Martin Pohl
  • Star formation at High Resolution, Zooming into the Carina nebula, the nearest laboratory of massive Star feedback
    By Thomas Preibisch
  • Characteristic structures in circumstellar disks – Potential indicators of embedded planets
    By Sebastian Wolf