Reviews in Modern Astronomy 16

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The 16th volume in the annual series on recent developments and scientific progress in astronomy and astrophysics contains thirteen invited reviews presented during the International Scientific Conference of the Society on The Cosmic Circuit of Matter, held in Berlin, Germany. Readers also learn about the lecture on the behaviour of stars by infrared interferometry given by Charles H. Townes, Berkeley, USA who was awarded the Karl Schwarzschild medal 2002. Further contributions on the topic provide, among other, the latest results on the Solar atmosphere, formation of stars, substellar objects, galaxies and clusters of galaxies.


  • Karl Schwarzschild Lecture:
    The Behavior of Stars Observed by Infrared Interferometry
    By Carles H. Townes
  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture:
    Star Formation in Turbulent Interstellar Gas
    By Ralf S. Klessen
  • Dynamics of Small Scale Motions in the Solar Photosphere
    By Arnold Hanslmeier
  • The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation: The Impact of Massive Stars
    By José Franco
  • Circuit of Dust in Substellar Objects
    By Christiane Helling
  • Hot Stars: Old-Fashioned or Trendy?
    By A.W.A. Pauldrach
  • Gas and Dust Mass Loss of O-rich AGB-stars
    By Franz Kerschbaum, Hans Olofsson, Thomas Posch, DavidGonzález Delgado, Per Bergman, Harald Mutschke, Cornelia Jäger, Johann Dorschner, and Fredrik Schöier
  • Finding the Most Metal-poor Stars of the Galactic Halo with the Hamburg/ESO Objecrive-prism Survey
    By Norbert Christlieb
  • A Tale of Bars and Starbursts: Dense Gas in the Central Regions of Galaxies
    By Susanne Hüttemeister
  • Tip-AGB Mass-Loss on the Galactic Scale
    By Klaus-Peter Schröder
  • The Dusty Sight of Galaxies
    By Ulrich Klaas
  • The Abundance History of our Galaxy and the Universe
    By James W. Truran
  • Matter and Energy in Clusters of Galaxies
    By Hans Böhringer