Reviews in Modern Astronomy 14

Dynamic Stability and Instabilities in the Universe


  • Karl Schwarzschild Lecture:
    The Schwarzschild Singularity: one Clue to Resolving the Quantum Measurement Paradox
    By Sir Roger Penrose
  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture:
    The Silent Majority - Jets and Radio Cores from Low-Luminosity Black Holes
    By Heino Falcke
  • Chaos in Cosmos
    By Peter Richter
  • Chaos, Comets, and the Kuiper Belt
    By Martin J. Duncan, Harold Levison, Luke Dones, and Edward Thommes
  • Planetary Accretion: From Planitesimals to Protoplanets
    By Eichiro Kokubo
  • Surprises from our Sun
    By Eric Priest
  • Large Scale Structure - Witness of Evolution
    By Dierck-Ekkehard Liebscher
  • Dust Induced Structure Formation
    By Peter Woitke
  • The FORS Deep Field
    By Jochen Heidt, Immo Appenzeller, Ralf Bender, Asmus Böhm, Nive Drory, Klaus J. Fricke, Achim Gabasch, Ulrich Hopp, Klaus Jäger, Martin Kümmel, Dörte Mehlert, Claus Möllenhoff, Alan Moorwoord, Harald Nicklas, Stefan Noll, Roberto Saglia, Walter Seifert, Stella Seitz, Otmar Stahl, Eckhard Sutorius, Thomas Szeifert, Stefan J. Wagner, and Bodo Ziegler
  • A Map of the Northern Sky: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey in its First Year
    By Eva K. Grebel
  • Mechanism and Result of Dynamical Instabilities in Hot Stars
    By Wolfgang Glatzel
  • LBV Nebulae: The Mass Lost from the Most Massive Stars
    By Kerstin Weis
  • Dynamical Evolution of Star Clusters
    By Holger Baumgardt
  • Warm and Hot Diffuse Gas in Dwarf Galaxies
    By Dominik J. Bomans