Reviews in Modern Astronomy 11

Stars and Galaxies


  • Karl Schwarzschild Lecture:
    Binary Pulsars and Relativistic Gravity
    By Joseph H. Taylor.
    To the regret of the members of the Board of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, our 1997 awardee of the Karl Schwarzschild Medal was not in a position to prepare the manuscript of his lecture, as was agreed before.
  • Ludwig Biermann Lecture:
    From Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae to White Dwarfs
    By Ralf Napiwotzki
  • On the Dynamics of Bodies in Our Planetary System
    By Rudolf Dvorak
  • Massive Stars: the Pre-Supernova Evolution of internal and Circumstellar Structure
    By Norbert Langer, Alexander Heger, and Guillermo García-Segura
  • The HST Deep Field
    By Harry Ferguson
  • Neutral Hydrogen in the Magellanic Cloud
    By Lister Staveley-Smith
  • Extragalactic Planetary Nebulae as Mass Tracers in the Outer Halos of early-type Galaxies
    By Magda Arnaboldi and Massimo Capaccioli
  • AGB-Stars and Mass Loss
    By Ernst A. Dorfi and Susanne Höfner
  • Planetary Nebulae: the Normal, the Strange, and Sakurai's Object
    By Florian Kerber
  • Variable Circumstellar Structure of Luminous Hot Stars: the Impact of Spectroscopic Long-term Campaigns
    By Andreas Kaufer
  • Stellar Variability as a Tool in Astrophysics: a Joint Research Initiative in Austria
    By Klaus G. Strassmeier
  • The H2 Mass in The Inner 500 pc of the Milky Way
    By Rainer Mauersberger and L. Bronfman
  • Elliptical Galaxies
    By Werner W. Zeilinger
  • Jets in Active Galaxies: New Results from HST and VLA
    By Heino Falcke
  • The Deceleration of Cosmic Expansion
    By Peter Schücker and Waltraut C. Seitter
  • Eclipse Mapping of Accretion Disks
    By Sonja Vrielmann
  • Raman Scattering and the Geometric Strucure of Symbiotic Stars
    By Hans Martin Schmid
  • The Milky Way in the UV
    By Linda Schmidtobreick, W. Schlosser, P. Koczet, S. Wieman, and M. Jütte
  • New Generation Space Telescope
    By Rudolf Albrecht
  • Electronic Publishing in its Context
    By André Heck