Reviews in Modern Astronomy 10



  • Karl Schwarzschild Lecture:
    Gravitational Radiation - a New Window Onto the Universe
    By Kip Thorne
  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture:
    Star Formation Histories of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
    By Eva K. Grebel
  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture:
    On Arcs in X-ray Clusters
    By Matthias L. Bartelmann
  • 80 Years of General Relativity
    By Jürgen Ehlers
  • The Distance Scale To Gamma-Ray Bursts
    By Don Q. Lamb
  • Gamma Ray Burst Models
    By Peter Mészáros
  • Massive Stars - Near and Far
    By Regina E. Schulte-Ladbeck
  • The Great Wall and Beyond -
    Surveys of the Universe to z < 0.1
    By Margaret J. Geller
  • Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei
    By Martin J. Rees
  • Experimental Gravity and Lunar Laser Ranging
    By J. Müller and Michael H. Soffel
  • Merging Neutron Stars
    By Maximilian Ruffert and H.-Thomas Janka
  • Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Hot Compact Stars
    By Klaus Werner, S. Dreizler, U. Heber, N. Kappelmann, J. Kruk, T. Rauch, B. Wolff
  • The Jet of the Quasar 3C273 at High Resolution
    By Hermann Josef Röser, Klaus Meisenheimer, Martin Neumann, R.G. Conway, J.R. Davis, R.A. Perlay
  • ISO: The First 10 Months of the Mission
    By Dietrich Lemke
  • First Results from SOHO
    By Bernhard Fleck
  • Search for Primeval Galaxies with the Calar Alto Deep Imaging Survey (CADIS)
    By Eduard Thommes, K. Meisenheimer, R. Fockenbrock, H. Hippelein, H.-J. Röser
  • The New Pre-main Sequence Population South of the Taurus-Auriga Molecular Clouds
    By Ralph Neuhäuser