Members of the AG

The membership list, currently amounting to approx. 800 members, is published at irregular intervals in the "Mitteilungen der Astronomischen Gesellschaft".

In September 1996, the fourth edition of a "Portrait Gallery" of the Astronomische Gesellschaft was published (earlier editions from 1904, 1931, and 1978). It can be ordered from the Secretary at a price of 5,00€ plus postage.

The membership list, revision of July 21, 2004, will be published in volume 87 of the `Mitteilungen der AG'. The volume will be available from the Secretary.

Within the Executive Committee, the Treasurer is responsible for all issues concerning the membership, particularly the alteration of addresses:
Dr. Susanne Hüttemeister
Zeiss-Planetarium Bochum
Castroper Straße 67
D-44791 Bochum
Phone: +49 / (0) 234 / 5160641
Fax: +49 / (0) 234 / 5160651
Email: treasurer [at]

Admittance to the Astronomische Gesellschaft

The AG is, by its nature, a union of scientists who are active astronomers. It also welcomes as a member all the people that would like to support the aims of the AG.
The application for admittance is to present informally but in written form to the Executive Committee. It has to be approved by two members of the AG as guarantors by their signatures. The Executive Committee decides about the admittance. Particulars are determined in the statutes of the AG §§ 5,6.

The amount of the members' annual contribution is costituted by the ordinary General Assembly. Currently, it is 75,00€ per year.
At request, members of the DPG (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft = German Physical Society) the DGG (Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft = German Geological Society) as well as the EAS (European Astronomical Society) can pay a reduced amount of 60,00, pensioners of 50,00 and students / low-income owner of 30,00€ per year.

Members of the AG receive the publications of the AG ("Mitteilungen der AG", "Reviews in Modern Astronomy", "Astronomical Notes").
In addition, they are informed about news within the AG by two circulars per year including the invitations to the meetings and General Assemblies.

Forms (in German):